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First day of US President Joe Biden’s visit to Warsaw

First day of US President Joe Biden’s visit to Warsaw. The visit is related to the approaching first anniversary of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. The war that revealed the true aggressive face of Russia to the world. For years, the Polish people have been warning the international community about such a Russia.

President Biden and his delegation met with President Andrzej Duda at the Presidential Palace, accompanied by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. The discussions focused on strengthening Poland’s security, allied cooperation, and bilateral relations. Both sides emphasized the importance of further supporting Ukraine in its fight for freedom and independence.

The most important event during the visit was President Biden’s speech delivered in the gardens of the Royal Castle in Warsaw. Several key themes can be distinguished from it.

He thanked Poland and the Polish people for their support of refugees from Ukraine.

“The generosity of Poland, your readiness to open your hearts and homes, is extraordinary.”

At the same time, it was emphasized that NATO and the Western world will not leave Ukraine alone on the front lines. Ukraine will be further supported and together with the help of the West it will win this brutal war.

“”Our support for Ukraine will not waver, NATO will not end, and we will not get tired.”

“President Putin’s cowardly desire for land and power will fail. And the love of the Ukrainian people for their homeland will prevail.”

In the face of Russia’s imperial aspirations, President Biden also addressed the process of expanding NATO to new member states.

He [Putin] thought he would get the Finland-ization of NATO, and instead he got the NATO-ization of Finland and Sweden.

After the speech, President Biden met with Prime Minister Morawiecki. The discussion included the issue of economic cooperation between Poland and the United States. The key perspective is the planned construction of nuclear power plants in Poland with the involvement of American technology.

President Biden’s second visit to Poland in a year is a confirmation of how important Poland is for the United States. Only the United Kingdom was visited more frequently by President Biden. We express great satisfaction with how close the relationship between Poland and the United States has become in recent years. In the face of the challenges and threats posed to Poland, it should be emphasized that only by working closely with our largest ally and the world’s superpower, the United States, will we be able to meet them.